This is a project pursued by the National Institute of Music and Dance, the Arts Research Institute of Georgia in Tbilisi, Movimento Danza in Naples and TRAFIK Dance/Theatre Company in Rijeka from 2023-2024 as part of the Creative Europe program, the Culture component. Cultural exchange, joint activities of artists, producers and dance researchers with an emphasis on the creative process and integration with local communities: these are the main objectives of the “Dancing Together, Again!” creative residencies programme.

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Their aim will be to create a new framework and network for the exchange of ideas, methods of creative action between dance professionals in Poland, Georgia, Italy and Croatia. In particular, the project will focus on audience development through direct contact with local communities. The organizers rely on a slow-paced approach in their activities, which provides ample time for building relationships among participants, creative practice, immersion in the process and a deep understanding of dance.

The project is addressed to all people involved in dance who work in one of 3 groups:

– artist/artist – choreographers and dancers ,

– curator/curator – producers, organizers and presenters,

– researcher/researcher – philosophers, theorists, historians, critics, documentarians and kinetographers.

Residency Schedule:

Arts Research Institute of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia, May 29-June 17, 2023. The topic will be the study of audience development models. Participants will collect data from interviews with the community. They will then creatively transform their responses into their own artistic statements.

Curators: Prof. Dr. Levan Khetaguri and Prof. Dr. Iuri Mgebrishvili

TRAFIK Dance/Theatre Company, Rijeka, Croatia, September 4-23, 2023. The theme will be sustainability as seen through the lens of dance and performing arts. Participants will develop a joint strategy for environmental protection, with a particular focus on the Adriatic Sea region.

Curator: Žak Valenta

Movimento Danza, Naples, Italy, March 4-16, 2024. The main theme will be inclusivity of dance and performing arts, among others intergenerational, intercultural and “inter-ability.”

Curator: Gabriella Stazio

You can also read about the residences on our blog: LINK.

Persons responsible for the implementation of the programme:

Aleksandra Dziurosz, PhD, prof. UMFC – Deputy Director of the National Institute of Music and Dance
Maria Opałka – Head of the Dance Impresario Department
Mateusz Czekaj – Senior Dance Impresario Specialist, Programme Manager

Media contact: 

Agnieszka Wyszomirska,

About Movimento Danza

Movimento Danza, directed by Gabriella Stazio, is an artistic and cultural association that has been active since 1979, a Dance School among the best in Europe and a multi-award-winning Contemporary Dance Company, with a Young Dance Company among the most dynamic and creative in Italy. Since 1987, it has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture, first, as a Dance Company and, since 2000, as a National Promotion Organization. Since 2007, it has been acknowledged also by the Campania Region, and many are the skills and experiences Movimento Danza has acquired in the international sphere both thanks to the Company touring – more than 30 countries around the world – and an effective management model that allowed Movimento Danza to win, between others, the European Culture call 2000 with Tanztheatre Wupperthal and the project “A different past, a common future”.

Artistic Direction for Movimento Danza: Gabriella Stazio

Project Coordination for Movimento Danza: Eleonora Tempesta

About TRAFIK Dance/Theatre Company

The independent theater group TRAFIK (transitional-fantastic theater) has been operating continuously since 1998. It is one of the first independent theater groups in Croatia in general.

One of the important principles of the group is the collaboration of collectives made up of artists of different professions, different artistic profiles – from playwrights, directors, actors, dancers, fine artists, scenographers, lighting designers to musicians – trying to present and connect with each new artistic project new associates, not only from Rijeka but from all over Croatia and abroad.

Moving the boundaries between performance forms, without giving up its specific, traffic-recognizable poetics, TRAFIK takes a research approach to work on each new performance, both on the thematic and performance level.

The performances of TRAFIK most often question either lesser-known or less-researched topics, which are specific to the climate of the Mediterranean and Central Europe, characteristic primarily of the climate from which it comes, Rijeka, and which, on the other hand, communicate outside their environments and can be read in a wider, European context.

Artistic Director: Jacques (Žak) Valenta,,, +385958025801

About Arts Research Institute of Georgia

The goal of Arts Research Institute of Georgia is arts theories and practices studies both in Georgia and the world through research and practical, applied projects. Special focus on promotion of best practices, cultural dialogue, cultural diplomacy, world tangible and intangible heritage through conferences, round table discussions, open lectures, exhibitions, debates, festivals (among them festivals for Dance and Children Theatres), residencies, various creative projects and publications.

The Institute is one of the important international centres in arts theory and practice studies, attracting foreign colleagues to participate in joint research and projects. ARI is a member of UNESCO/ITI PA High Education Network and regional partner of EQ-Arts, taking part in arts education events, consultations and implementations.

Director: Prof. Dr. Levan Khetaguri