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The Institute of Music and Dance announces the call for applications for the “Blank Pages – music and dance (2019/2020 edition) programme. 

The programme is addressed to Polish and foreign researchers who plan to conduct research into neglected and obscure areas of Polish music or dance.

The objective of the programme is scientific research on neglected areas of Polish music and dance.

The research may cover a broad spectrum of eras and genres, and it may include such areas of study as compositional outputs, artistic achievements, musicological activities, reception of music and dance, history, theory and aesthetics of Polish dance, especially concert dance, as well as the cultural aspects of music and dance in Poland. The end result of the research will be submitted in the written form, e.g. musicological papers, science articles, catalogues of the artists’ complete works, databases, reconstructions of works and critical editions of source materials.

Announcement from the Director of the Institute of Music and Dance of 10 May 2019 regarding the terms and conditions of submitting applications for the Programme ‘Blank Pages – Music and Dance’ 2019/2020


The final deadline for submissions of applications for the 2019/2020 edition of the programme
is 17 June 2019.

A paper version of the application signed by an authorised person (attached with Annexes a and b) should be sent to: The Institute of Music and Dance, ul. Aleksandra Fredry 8, 00-097 Warszawa (with the following phrase added on the envelope: Application to the Programme ‘Blank Pages – Music and Dance’) until 17 June 2019 (as evidenced by the postmark date).

A signed and scanned application form with Annexes a and b in one PDF file should also be sent to on 17 June 2019 at the latest.

The commission will select applications on or before 20 July 2019. Afterwards, a list of the projects approved by the commission will be announced on the Institute’s website.

In the event that the budget of the Programme’s 2019/2020 edition is not used completely, the Director of the Institute of Music and Dance may arrange a second call for applications at a later date.

The budget of the Programme’s 2019/2020 season amounts to PLN 150 000.

The application form can be found on the website of the Institute of Music and Dance: / bookmark: programmes.


Persons responsible for the implementation of the Programme:

Maxymilian Bylicki – Director of the Institute of Music and Dance

Aleksandra Dziurosz – Deputy Director of the Institute of Music and Dance

Brygida Błaszczyk-Podhajska – Programme Manager, tel. 22 829 20 15,



Application form.doc

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