To mark the International Dance Day, the National Institute of Music and Dance has launched the 4th edition of the tańczMY campaign. Submissions of event proposals can be made until April 10, 2022. During this year’s campaign, the Polish dance community will stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian nation.

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Event proposals can be submitted by artistic institutions, schools and universities, dance companies, non-governmental organizations and informal groups. Participation in the tańczMY campaign entails organizing any type of dance event: performances, classes, workshops, presentations, etc., at any time throughout the campaign period. Between April 22 and May 6, Poland will be host to performances and presentations demonstrating the importance of dance in everyone’s life, regardless of age, professional status or place of residence.

The application form can be found HERE.

Taking place at a difficult time, this year’s edition of tańczMY aims to unite the entire community of dance enthusiasts, who convey their emotions through movement and dance, and encourage them to share their sentiments with others.

At a time when an armed conflict is taking place just across our border, we want to express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people through the tańczMY campaign. Our love of dance is what unites us – when we dance, we open ourselves to others and to the world. People often survive difficult times thanks to passion. We believe that by uniting in the tańczMY campaign we will become stronger and even more determined to offer help, says Karol Urbański, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Music and Dance.

The National Institute of Music and Dance encourages everyone to express their support for the Ukrainian people in two ways:

· donations to the special purpose account of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, created on behalf of the National Bank of Ukraine:

account number: 91 1130 0007 0080 2394 3520 0002

transfer title: Wsparcie dla Ukrainy

· staging flash mobs initiated by the Ukrainian dance portal, in the form of an improvised dance film set to a specific type of musical background. The musical background is the sound of an air-raid siren, which reverberates 24/7 through many Ukrainian cities. For more information on the flashmob, visit

The flashmob was initiated by the Ukrainian journalist and dancer Polina Bulat: –

Launching our flash mob we aimed to let dancers and their audiences pass through themselves emotions, feelings and even sounds, which Ukrainians experience non-stop these days. Of course, the scale is incomparable. But the power of dance is in its ability to communicate on different levels of perception. We wanted to get deeper than any headline could and to reach not only people’s minds but also memory of their bodies. Because that is where empathy comes from, says Paulina Bulat, Ukrainian artist cooperating with NIMiT.

In the past years, the tańczMY campaign attracted the largest and most renowned art institutions and universities in Poland, as well as independent artists, local cultural centers and dance schools. The joy of dance was shared during performances, community animation and academic events, workshops, and dance competitions held within the framework of the project.

Entries for this year’s tańczMY action may be submitted until April 10.

The calendar for the tańczMY campaign will be published on the National Institute of Music and Dance website on April 12, 2022.

Join in on the action and let us celebrate International Dance Day together!


Maciej Seniw – campaign coordinator, head of the Program Department at the National Institute of Music and Dance

Media Contact Agata Szymczak +48 785 310 000,