Through the exchange of their respective experiences, dancers from partner countries seek the origins of dance in other traditional cultures. This year marks the third edition of The Roots of Dance, which will conclude with the international participants paying a study visit to Poland.

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During the final study visit, participants of the 3rd edition of The Roots of Dance / Korzenie Tańca will meet with traditional artistic communities active in the Żywiec Beskid and Podhale regions to draw from their singing and dancing practices. They will subsequently take part in choreographic workshops in Silesia, whose outcome will be presented at a final show.

The visit will begin on September 23 and conclude on October 2, with participants staying in Biały Dunajec, Łodygowice and Katowice, respectively.

At the invitation of the National Institute of Music and Dance, the concluding workshops will feature participants from the partner countries that have hosted Polish tutors and choreographers earlier this year.

Dancers from Mexico, Canada, Georgia, Croatia, Malaysia and India will participate in:

  • a meeting with the Magurzanie Regional Ensemble in Łodygowice
  • workshops in traditional singing led by Brygida Sordyl, singing instructor and head of the Magurzanie Regional Ensemble
  • traditional dance workshops with Bartłomiej Mieszczak
  • a meeting with the Biołodunajcanie Regional Ensemble in Biały Dunajec under the direction of Iwona Kiwacka-Majerczyk
  • regional dance workshops with Iwona Kiwacka-Majerczyk
  • choreographic workshops together with the students of the Dance Department of the Academy of Music in Katowice, ending with the creation of choreographic etudes presented at the final show.

The choreographic workshops will include:

– classes conducted by choreographers and pedagogues Jacek Łuminski and Aleksandra Dziurosz
– contemporary dance technique workshops led by young dance teachers Sebastian Wiertelak, Łukasz Zgórka and Angelika Karal

On October 2 (7 p.m.), the Szopienice Culture Center in Giszowiec will host a presentation concluding the workshops in Katowice and the entire Roots of Dance project. The bill will included presentations of etudes co-created by workshop participants from Mexico, Canada, Georgia, Croatia, Malaysia, and India, and the students of the Dance Department of the Academy of Music in Katowice.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the “Inspiring Culture” program.

Contact person for matters concerning the project:
Mateusz Czekaj – Programme Specialist
Phone no.:  785 430 000 e-mail: