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Diagnosing the situation of Polish music


The Report on Polish music status is being prepared, as it will be presented during the 1st Convention of Polish Music in May 2011, in Warsaw. In the report, for the first time in Poland since 1989, we attempted to give a view of the music life, active artists and composers, musicologists, journalists, critics, musical institutions and NGOs. We describe the education system, funding mechanisms for the music culture, legal framework, artistic activities of communities, activities of media, publishing houses, record labels and participation of listeners and spectators in the music life. The Report consists of analytical descriptive chapters and a number of tables and summaries.

Andrzej Kosowski, the director of IMiT, is the initiator of the Report. Andrzej Chłopecki is a project coordinator and one of the authors, whereas Joanna Grotkowska is responsible for technical coordination. The other authors include: Maria Baliszewska, Antoni Beksiak, Andrzej Białkowski, Paweł Brodowski, Bartek Chaciński, Marcin Flint, Aleksandra Jagiełło-Skupińska, Maciej Karłowski, Krzysztof Komarnicki, Viola Łabanow, Remigiusz Mazur-Hanaj, Agata Sapiecha, Paweł Sztompke and Kamila Stępień-Kutera.

The Report on Polish Music Status is available for download in pdf format (Polish version).


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Andrzej Kosowski, director of the Institute of Music and Dance
Joanna Grotkowska
Alina Święs


Works since October 2010.
Report published in electronic form (6 May 2011) and in printed form for the 1st Convention of Polish Music (9 May 2011).
Opportunity to send comments on the Report until 30 May 2011.
Report finished: 16 June 2011