We are pleased to announce NIMiT’s presence on streaming platforms! Our recordings are now available via dozens of streaming services, both regionally and globally. You can now listen to NIMiT pieces on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and many other platforms.

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Caprice op. 10 no. 2 from Zygmunt Stojowski’s Deux Orientales is a piece that is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Stojowski’s piece is performed by Ivan Shemchuk, Ukrainian pianist, winner of the second prize at the 2nd International Competition of Polish Music. The recording comes from an album of 25 solo and chamber works performed by the competition participants.

The main idea behind both the competition and the album is to popularize the achievements of Polish composers, especially those whose oeuvres are less known and oft-forgotten. The International Competition of Polish Music is the only project of its kind in the world that is dedicated exclusively to the output of Polish composers.

We will publish more songs from the post-competition album on a regular basis. At the same time, our YouTube channel will feature live recordings from the previous competitions, amounting to a total of several dozen audio and audiovisual recordings showcasing magnificent music by Polish composers from the 18th century till the present.

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Three world phonographic premieres!

Among the published works, there will be as many as 3 world phonographic premieres:

  • Henryk Pachulski – Sonata in C minor, Op. 10 (performed by Ivan Shemchuk)
  • Henryk Pachulski – Phantastische Märchen, Op. 12 (performed by Ruslan Kazakov).

The works of Pachulski (1859-1921), a Polish composer and pianist who lived and worked in Russia, beg to be rediscovered! The Institute has made efforts to restore his oeuvre through the International Competition of Polish Music, as well as through its own “White Spots” program addressed to researchers, thus catering to both artistic and musicological fields.

  • Miłosz Magin – String Quartet (performed by Kwartet Smyczkowy “Op.1”).

Confined to the family archives, this youthful composition had never been performed before the competition. The scores were obtained from the composer’s daughter, Mrs. Margot Magin, who also founded a special financial prize for the performance of this composition. Kwartet Smyczkowy “Op. 1” undertook to transcribe the score from the manuscript. Thanks to the quartet’s efforts, its recording is now available online (competition stream) and on a CD.

NIMiT’s presence on Spotify and other major streaming platforms is another step in promoting the works of Polish composers performed by artists from various countries. We believe that new arrangements of works and interpretations of the winners of the 2nd International Competition of Polish Music will reach young audiences and performers of classical music around the world.

Feel free to listen and make sure to share our recordings!