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The initiative aims to help emerging artists enter the music market, and complements IMiT’s residency programmes.


The programme is addressed to Polish composers, performing artists (instrumentalists, vocalists, conductors) and music ensembles (chamber, vocal, and mixed bands) and offers young artists a professional photo session. Participants have been selected by way of competition. The programme is run by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw and the Polish Composers’ Union, and financed by a subsidy awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for this purpose.


I edition – 20 000 PLN


Andrzej Kosowski – Director of the Institute of Music and Dance
Katarzyna Mykietyn – The programme’s coordinator


Programme launched

As part of the first, pilot phase of the programme, six photo shoots have been held. The following young composers and performing artists have been photographed:

Katarzyna Brzóska (Cailloux)

Barbara Kinga Majewska

Justyna Kowalska-Lasoń

Paweł Pietruszewski

Wakarecy Piano Duo

Zespół Muzyki XVII i XVIII w. Extempore (Extempore – 17th and 18th Century Music Ensemble)

The photographs have been taken by Magda Hueckel.

Promotors and organisers of music events interested in using the photographs are kindly asked to approach the Institute of Music and Dance or the artists individually.