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Presentation of the Polish young conductors. The programme is dedicated to Polish music community – concert institutions (philharmonic halls, symphonic and chamber orchestras), as well as young Polish conductors who received their master’s or bachelor’s degree in symphonic and opera conducting not later than two years before.


The programme makes it possible for young conductors to get practical performing experience by facilitating their contact with a professional orchestra; it is also meant to promote and support young conductors, as well as encourage Polish concert institutions to take up artistic cooperation with them.

Under the programme, a composer-in-residence participates in the preparation process of at least four concert programmes in a season of the host institution; the preparation and directing of one of the concerts lies solely with the conductor-in-residence.

The Institute of Music and Dance covers the direct costs of the residency, that is the young conductor’s fee for directing at least one concert and participating in the preparation of the other concert programmes, as well as other costs associated with the residence and indicated by the host institution.

The application deadline is 2 April 2013.


III edition – 45 000 PLN


Andrzej Kosowski- Director of the Institute of Music and Dance
Brygida Błaszczyk – Programme specialist


Programme launched