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On 18 May 2012, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage announced a new Priority – Composing Commissions – as part of the Ministry’s programme Collections. The Institute of Music and Dance is the managing body of the Priority.

The Priority Composing Commissions aims to create new pieces of music which should also be premiered, promoted and shared in the public sphere and used as tools of cultural and artistic education. Applications can be submitted in respect of pieces composed by Polish and foreign composers which will get their premiere in Poland or abroad.

The Priority Composing Commissions is the first system initiative to stimulate composition and public presence of pieces created within the project. Being made widely available in the public sphere, pieces created within the Priority will serve as valuable tools of cultural and artistic education, contributing towards a greater social presence of music which will reach a wide audience, including children and youth.

Applications for the Priority Composing Commissions may be applied by central and local culture institutions, NGO, churches and religious organisations as well as economic operators.

The budget of the Priority is 2 000 000 PLN.

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