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To promote collaboration between Polish dance groups and recognized Polish and foreign choreographers. To enrich Polish groups’ repertoires with choreographically diversified dance performances.


The projects of choreographic collaboration between a recognized Polish or foreign artist and a Polish group are supported by the Programme. The project must result in a new piece of choreography. Foreign artists may also adapt the well-known pieces which have never been staged in Poland yet.


Applications for the 1st Edition may be sent from 10 October to 15 December 2012.

Selected applicants will be announced by 31 January 2013.

Time limit for projects: 1 March – 30 November 2013.

Budget: The planned budget of the programme for 2013 amounts to 90 000 PLN.



Joanna Szymajda – Deputy Director of the Institute
Marta Michalak – Project Manager, Department of Dance