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The research project “Religious Folk Songs of Podlasie” [Ludowe pieśni religijne na Podlasiu] by Julita Charytoniuk and Tetiana Zachykievich was developed under the 2nd edition of Blank Pages of Music, a programme of the Institute of Music and Dance.

The researchers have collected a body of multimedia material, including recordings of authentic performances of religious songs, both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, as well as texts, scores, photographs and ethnographic descriptions.

The recordings that served as basis for the research were made in 2012-13 in the region of north Podlasie, Poland.

In particular, the research covered five villages with mainly Catholic inhabitants (Guzy, Chojnowo, Rybniki, Bajki-Zalesie, Długołęka) and seven villages whose residents are mainly of Eastern Orthodox denomination (Soce, Kożyno, Gorodzisko and Przybudki, Kuraszewo, Krasna Wieś, Malinniki, Dasze). The material collected is made up of 50 hours of recordings – 90 songs and ethnographic interviews by 68 individuals born in the 1920s–70s.

The recordings are available in our resources section in mp3 format.

Catholic songs(mp3)

Eastern Orthodox songs (mp3)


Wybór dokumentacji audiowizualnej, będącej efektem działań prowadzonych przez Narodowego Instytutu Muzyki i Tańca od 2010 roku.

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