11th episode in the series “Instruments with Soul”. Featuring artist: Zbigniew Butryn

Wersja do druku


11th episode in the series “Instruments with Soul”. The film is narrated and the music played by well-known musician and instruments maker from Janów Lubelski – Zbigniew Butryn.

“Instruments with Soul” is a series of short educational films on music, presenting Polish folk instruments. The films include information on instrument construction and production, their history and function in culture, and past and present performing practice. They are narrated by well-known musicians who deliver colourful stories and brilliant musical performance.

The film has two language versions, Polish and English.

Executive producer: Maciej Stasiński (www.watra.pl)
Producer: Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw 2018

You may also visit the “Polish folk music instruments” portal at www.instruments.edu.pl, where you will find descriptions and pictures of fiddles from major Polish museum collections.


Wybór dokumentacji audiowizualnej, będącej efektem działań prowadzonych przez Narodowego Instytutu Muzyki i Tańca od 2010 roku.