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The research project Emil Młynarski – Life and Work in Warsaw and Great Britain until 1916 [Emil Młynarski – Życie i działalność w Warszawie i w Wielkiej Brytanii do 1916 roku] by Elżbieta Szczepańska-Lange was developed under the 2nd edition of Blank Pages of Music, a programme of the Institute of Music and Dance.

The research, including an inquiry of British press, is a biography of Emil Młynarski, covering his life until 1916, with particular emphasis on his work as conductor. Based on both Polish and British sources, the biography presents the artist’s career in a historical and sociological context. The author also discusses the reception of Młynarski’s art in Poland and Great Britain.


Wybór dokumentacji audiowizualnej, będącej efektem działań prowadzonych przez Narodowego Instytutu Muzyki i Tańca od 2010 roku.

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