The open call for participation in the Polish Dance Platform 2024 is currently under way. The event will be held in Łódź on April 18-21, 2024.

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The terms and conditions for participation in the Polish Dance Platform 2024 are available below.

Participation in the Polish Dance Platform 2024 is free of charge, but possible only after obtaining accreditation. Please note that there are two application deadlines.

Invited to participate in the event are all persons associated with or interested in dance, including artists, choreographers, choreographers, journalists, representatives of the cultural, artistic, and business communities.

We also encourage active participation in the Polish Dance Platform 2024 by joining the Open Platform/Let’s pitch & listen and Open Platform/Let’s network formulas.

Open Platform/Let’s pitch & listen

As part of the event, the Organizer provides time and space to showcase one’s own artistic or production activities in the form of a six-minute presentation delivered before the participants of the Polish Dance Platform 2024. The number of spots is limited to 10 Participants.

Open Platform/Let’s network

Let’s network is an opportunity to book an individual stand during networking meetings. The number of stands is limited to 20 per day.

Interested parties will be notified of their eligibility to participate by March 29, 2024.

The four-day Platform will featured 15 competition performances across 7 stages:

1) III Symfonia | Janusz Orlik

2) Connected/Disconnected | Patryk Gorzkiewicz

3) My Tail and I | Holobiont

4) Fun, Fas, Fad | Kolekttacz

5) LUXA | Agata Życzkowska & Karina Szutko – collective HOTELOKO movement makers.


7) LAGMA | Chmielewska, Czyczel, Gryka, Szypulska

8) MISSPIECE | Dominika Wiak

9) In My Beginning is My End | Lublin Dance Theatre

10) Every Minute Motherland | Maciej Kuźmiński Company

11) Café Müller | Dominik Więcek

12) Body Parts | Ramona Nagabczyńska

13) Evil Herbs | Magda Jędra

14) Agon| Łaźnia Nowa Theatre

15) Sticky Fingers Club | STICKY FINGERS CLUB

The accompanying program of the Polish Dance Platform 2024 includes workshops, panel discussions, meetings and presentation sessions, among others.

More than 50 foreign managers, dance promoters, directors of international festivals and other dance platforms from around the world have confirmed their participation in the Platform.

For more information, contact Aleksandra Kowalczyk, coordinator of the Polish Dance Platform 2024, email:

Program Polish Dance Platform 2024