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“Jazz Debut Album” addressed to Polish jazz musicians and record labels registered in Poland.

The Programme includes both recording a CD debut album by jazz music performers (working as a group or individually) as well as marketing of electronic files.

An important criterion is that the album has to be the first ever record for the performer or for at least half of all members of the group. The maximum age of the Programme participants is 28 (the arithmetic mean for groups).

The Programme “Jazz Debut Album” aims to increase the number of jazz debuts and records, to enhance market access to new groups and soloists and to promote jazz composition (at least 25 % of recording time should be dedicated to Polish music with one mandatory record of at least one new piece of a Polish composer).

Deadline for submission (application form with annexes) is 30 April 2012 and the deadline for projects selection is 15 May 2012.