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Presentation of the Polish young conductors. The programme is dedicated to Polish music community – concert institutions (philharmonic halls, symphonic and chamber orchestras and music theatres), as well as young Polish conductors who received their master’s or bachelor’s degree in symphonic and opera conducting not later than two years before.


Starting from the 3rd edition the programme covers residencies with professional orchestras (priority 1) and opera houses and music theatres (priority 2).

Priority 1: A conductor-in-residence actively participates in preparations of at least four concert programmes to be presented by a philharmonic hall or an orchestra throughout an artistic season, and conducts personally at least one orchestra concert that is part of a subscription package or the host’s regular activity.

Priority 2: A conductor-in-residence actively participates in preparations of at least two premieres or two revivals (or one premiere and one revival) of an opera, operetta, ballet, or children’s production to be staged at an opera house or music theatre. The conductor-in-residence should personally conduct at least three shows of one of the productions.

The Institute of Music and Dance will provide funding to cover the conductor-in-residence’s remuneration and additional costs that are borne by the host institution in connection with the residency.

Applications must be submitted jointly by prospective conductors-in-residence and host institutions.

The 3rd edition of the programme is to be implemented in the 2015/16 artistic season.

The deadline for submitting applications is 31 January 2015. Results will be announced by 28 February 2015.


III edition – 45 000 PLN


Andrzej Kosowski- Director of the Institute of Music and Dance
Brygida Błaszczyk – Programme specialist


Programme launched