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On 20 October 2014 The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland launched the 4th edition of the programme “Collections” – “Composing Commissions 2015–2016”. The programme is operated by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw.

The programme’s strategic objective is to support the creation of contemporary music through commissions of new works and creating favourable conditions for their presence in public life. The programme’s fundamental task is to increase the role of latest music as a medium of social communication and to make works of contemporary music part of the processes that take place in culture today, namely to present them in the context of such processes as: redefinition of the so-called “high culture” and the roles of artist and audience, and the influence of new media and technologies on musical language and reception of music. It is important, therefore, that the works commissioned represent different musical genres and aesthetics, referring both to traditional forms associated with classical music and being pieces of experimental nature or deriving from popular music in a creative fashion. The programme is meant to provide Polish audiences with opportunity to encounter new music outside of large cultural centres and to experience music composed or performed by international artists. The programme supports presentations of new Polish works of music abroad, both by Poland and international performers, encouraging concert promoters to collaborate with the youngest generation of interpreters of contemporary music. An important objective of the programme is also to use new works of music as tools of cultural and artistic education; to promote contemporary music among non-professionals, including children and the youth; to provide audiences with opportunities to meet composers and get to know the creative process in all its stages: the conception, development, and performance, with the aim to do away with the stereotype of contemporary music’s hermeticism.

The format of this edition has been changed to address issues raised by music professionals:

1) Works may be made available on the Internet either as complete performance materials and a recording (option A) or only as a score and a recording (option B), depending on whether the work is made available by the composer him/herself or through a publisher or another authorised agent.
In the case of option A the grant is allocated as previously, i.e. 60% for the composer’s remuneration and 40% to cover other costs; while in the case of option B the proportion shifts to 50:50% or 40:60% (works for more than 45 performers). Option B envisages the possibility of renting parts from publishers or composers, and the cost may be reimbursed.

2) Costs related to a second and third performance of the new work by the same set of performers but in a different city than the premiere performance may optionally be refunded.
This change is meant to facilitate more performances of the new works and collaborations between festivals and ensembles. As a result, the maximal sum that can be requested was increased to PLN 152,000 (applications envisaging three performances altogether). This increase of budget does not change the sum allocated to the composer. Detailed guidelines are available below.

Eligible entities are Polish state culture institutions; local culture institutions; non-governmental institutions; churches and religious communities, or legal persons formed by them; art universities and collages; state schools providing art education at primary and secondary level; non-state schools providing art education at primary and secondary level; businesses.

Budget for 2015–2016: PLN 2 000 000.

Deadline of the present call: 30 November 2014.