We are pleased to announce the complete list of the musicians who will participate in the 3rd International Competition of Polish Music along with their official Competition Numbers. The order of audition performances was drawn by Lech Dzierżanowski, Director of the Competition at the headquarters of the National Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw on 5 April 2023.

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The results of the draw can be found in the video recordings below:

Letter Y was drawn in the Pianist category and E in the Chamber Ensembles category.

Therefore, the Fono Piano Quartet will be the first ensemble to perform on 2 July at 13:00 a.m. Performances in the Pianist category will start with Tomasz Zając on 3 July at 9.30 a.m.

The next participants in both categories will follow in alphabetical order.

Complete list of participants along with their official Competition Numbers:


  1.  Tomasz Zając (Poland)
  2. Natalia Zaleska (Poland
  3. Naoko Aburaki (Japan)
  4. Weronika Chodakowska (Poland)
  5. Magi Garcías Frau (Spain)
  6. Julian Gast (Germany)
  7. Weronika Górska-Mikosz (Poland)
  8. Satoshi Iijima (Japan)
  9. Serafim Ivanow (Ukraine)
  10. Kiryl Keduk (Poland)
  11. Maciej Kiełpiński (Poland)
  12. Krzysztof Kozłowski (Poland))
  13. Linda Lee (South Korea/USA)
  14. Maryia Muryhina (Belarus)
  15. Diana Ostrolutska (Ukraine)
  16. Danylo Saienko (Ukraine)
  17. Mikołaj Seroka (Poland)
  18. Julian Stanny (Poland)
  19. Georgi Vasilev (Bulgaria)
  20. Jan Wachowski (Poland)
  21. Marcin Wieczorek (Poland)

Chamber Ensembles:

  1. Fono Piano Quartet (Poland)
  2. Godzinski Piano Duo (Poland)
  3. Górny/Dziewior Duo (Poland)
  4. Karłowicz Quartet (Poland)
  5. Kornowicz Drabiński Duo (Poland)
  6. Lemański&Miarka Duo (Poland)
  7. Magdalena Rzechowska / Marcel Groblewski (Poland)
  8. Metropolis Piano Quartet (Poland)
  9. Mikosz / Mariańczyk Piano Duo (Poland)
  10. Mimesis Quartet (Poland)
  11. Mystic Piano Trio (Poland)
  12. Piano trio “La Cadenza” (Bulgaria)
  13. Ptak Pawłowski Duo (Poland)
  14. Quintessence (Poland)
  15. Reverie Piano Duo (Poland)
  16. Sedina Reed Trio (Poland)
  17. Sempre Piano Trio (Poland)
  18. Shoven Quartet (Poland)
  19. Silesian Wind Quintet (Poland)
  20. Tri Sonance (Poland)
  21. WtRiO (Poland)
  22. Yamanishi & Dabrowski Duo (Germany)
  23. Airis String Quartet (Poland)
  24. Aka Duo (Japan)
  25. Aleami Piano Duo (Poland)
  26. Aries duo (Poland)
  27. Diverso String Quartet (Poland)
  28. Duet Sokołowski / Kluska (Poland)

The Competition Bureau will immediately contact each participant individually with detailed information about the schedule of acoustic rehearsals, auditions and other organisational matters.

More information: polishmusiccompetition.pl