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Scientific research on neglected areas of Polish music.


The programme is addressed to Polish and foreign researchers who want to carry out scientific research on neglected and overlooked areas of Polish music in Poland and abroad. Subjects are declared to the Institute directly by the researchers applying to the programme and the effects of their work (musicological works, catalogues of artistic works, databases, reconstructed compositions, sources studies, etc.) will be transmitted to the Institute for further publication.

The 1st edition of the programme is held from 1 October 2011 to 30 July 2012. The deadline for submission of applications is 30 June and the deadline for submission of works (research outputs) is 30 July 2012. The readiness to take part in the programme is declared to the Institute directly by the researcher or the group of researchers (maximum: 3 people).



Andrzej Kosowski – director of Institute of Music and Dance
Brygida Błaszczyk – programme specjalist


Programme at the initial stage

Application form

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