The final deadline for submissions of applications for the 2023/2024 edition of the programme Blank pages – music and dance is 5 January 2024. The applications should be sent only in an electronic version.

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The research priorities are set as follows:

a) Polish musical life and works of Polish composers in Central and Eastern Europe under Habsburgs rule from 1800 to 1918,

b) Activities of Polish dancers, choreographers and educators abroad, with particular reference to the 20th century.

For research on the above topics will be reserved 35% of the program budget.

A scanned and signed application form, along with Annexes should be sent in one PDF file to: with the following title of the e-mail message: ‘Blank Pages – Music and Dance’ – application.

The commission will select the applications on or before 9 February 2024. Afterwards, a list of the chosen projects will be announced on the Institute’s website. In the event that the budget of the Programme’s 2023/2024 edition be not used completely, the Director of the National Institute of Music and Dance may arrange a second call for applications at a later date.

The budget for the Programme’s 2023/2024 edition amounts to PLN 150 000.

The application form can be found below.

Persons responsible for the implementation of the Programme:

Lech Dzierżanowski – Deputy Director of the National Institute of Music and Dance (Music Department)

Aleksandra Dziurosz – Deputy Director of the National Institute of Music and Dance (Dance Department)

Brygida Błaszczyk-Podhajska – Head of the Polish Music Department

Contact Person:

Grzegorz Żórawski – Polish Music Specialist, Polish Music Department, tel. + 48 887 507 017,

Blank pages – music and dance, is a program for Polish and foreign researchers to obtain funds for research on little-known areas of Polish music or dance. Research can be conducted both in Poland and abroad.

The expected result of the performed research are studies in written form (e.g., a musicological work, a scientific article, a catalog of works, a database, a reconstruction of a work, a critical-source study, etc.) in the field of, for example, compositional works, artistic activity, musicological activity, musical culture and reception of music or dance in Poland, and the history, theory and aesthetics of Polish dance.