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The objectives of the Programme are: to activate composers and choreographers, to support interdisciplinary artistic cooperation, to enrich the repertoire of national music, dance and interdisciplinary festivals and insitutions with works never presented before.


The Programme of Music and Choreographic Commissions is an innovation on the Polish artistic scene. In other countries such commissions are organized occasionally, but never in the form of a regular programme. The key objective of the Programme of joint commissions is to boost the cooperation between music and dance professionals.  Financial and organizational deficiencies were often an obstacle to commissioning an original music score for a new choreography. The programme aims to increase the number of first-class dance performances featuring original music written by a professional composer. The Programme also allows composers to establish an artistic cooperation with choreographers and gets them acquainted with contemporary choreographic composing techniques.

The deadline for submissions is 15 December 2012. The readiness to take part in the programme is declared jointly by the festival or the institution and the composer and choreographer.


40 000 PLN


Andrzej Kosowski – Director of Institute of Music and Dance
Joanna Szymajda – Deputy Director of Insitute of Music and Dance


Programme launched, during 1st. edition