We invite all dance and choreography artists and producers interested in participating in the Polish Dance Platform 2024 and subsequent industry events in the future to an online workshop with the wonderful Angela Conquet!

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The workshops will be led by International Co-curator for the Lyon Dance Biennale – Angela Conquet. More recently, she was Director of Dancehouse ( Melbourne, Australia), Dance Director at Mains d’Oeuvres (Paris, France) and Guest curator of Dance in Vancouver (Canada).

“Let’s connect meaningfully” workshop:

I group (emerging): 14th of April 10h-11h30 /emerging artists & producers

II group (established): 14th of April 12h-13h30 / established artists & producers

We invite all artists and producers working in the field of dance and choreography in Poland to participate in one of two proposed workshops. The first workshop is dedicated to emerging artists and producers and the second to more established ones. Both workshops will aim at preparing the dance community to navigate effectively and meaningfully their relationships with presenters during the Polish Dance Platform. The proposed practices, exercises and tools will support the participants to identify the right interlocutors, to speak eloquently about their work and to engage in conversation with confidence and purpose with a view to initiate new and long-term connections.

Angela Conquet has devised and delivered many international projects in Europe, Asia and North America, and she has brought artistic and executive expertise in performing arts, festivals, arts leadership, publishing, arts policy and advocacy. She has educated in Public Administration area. She has a specific curatorial expertise in connecting artists and their art to context, place and society, and considers art and culture as a socio-political practice to activate imagination, creativity and change. She is currently doing a dissertation on dance-specific curatorial practices at the University of Melbourne and is co-editor of Dancehouse Diary.

The workshops will be in English via Zoom Platform.


In order to participate in a workshop please register to Polish Dance Platform 2024 and answer in English four questions from below:

1.Why did you decide to participate in this workshop?
2.What are you hoping to learn?
3.Describe your work/project (1000 sings with spaces).
4.Sent your CV/bio.

The message should be sent to the address: programowy@polskaplatformatanca.pl writing in the title “Online workshop with Angela Conquet – emerging” or “Online workshop with Angela Conquet – established”. Email applications and registration are expected by April 2, 2024.