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We would like to invite everyone to watch the special episode from the ‘Instruments with Soul’ series about traditional Estonian instrument – kannel, narrated by Eva Väljaots.

The film was directed by Maciej Stasiński (WATRA).

“Instruments with Soul” is a series of short educational films showcasing Polish folk instrument

The special episode about kannel was shot during the programme ‘Kannel & Cymbały. Traditional Instruments for the 100th Anniversary of Independence. Poland – Estonia’, managed by the Institute of Music and Dance and financially supported by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia in November 2018.

Eva Väljaots is a folk musician from Estonia and plays diatonic kannels of different sizes. Her main instruments are Estonian small kannels with 6-15 strings. In her music Eva likes improvising and playing with the various sounds of her different instruments. Her great interest and inspiration has been ancient Karelian kantele music and also church bell imitations from Karelia and Setumaa. Nevertheless she also likes to play traditional dance music. Eva has learned to play a bigger diatonic kannel from a traditional ‘village style’ kannel player Heino Sõna, who is nowadas one of the very few tradition carriers alive. Eva has studied folk music in Viljandi Culture Academy in Estonia and is currently studying folk music in Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

 The film can be found on the Institute of Music and Dance’s YouTube channel IMITpolska.