Katarzyna Meissner

Zdjęcie: Katarzyna Meissner

Fot. Beata Jarzębska

Director of The National Institute of Music and Dance

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Culture manager and theater scholar with many years of experience in the financial industry. Managing and promoting culture and finding synergies with business are her greatest professional passions.

In 2005-2013, she cooperated in the production of cultural projects with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, the Ludwig van Beethoven Association, the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, and the New Theatre in Poznań, among others.

From 2012 to 2020 she worked in the structures of Santander Bank Polska. In 2019, she led the rebranding process of the BZWBK brand. She managed relational communication in terms of sponsorship activities, development of communication strategies, creation of projects building the brand image.

She is the author of the Santander Orchestra project, where young musicians have the opportunity to develop their skills under the guidance of outstanding tutors and conductors and take part in classes that prepare them for conscious and responsible career management. She also managed the organization and communication of such projects as UEFA Champions League, BZWBK Press Foto, Hans Zimmer Tour or David Gilmour’s concert as part of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016.

She puts a strong emphasis on the education of artistic communities in the field of management, marketing and communication and on activities supporting the use of new technologies in culture.